My Conrad Family Tree

The Family of Helen and Dan Conrad




Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BJÖRNSSON, Olav  Abt 885Sweden I451
2 BJORNSSON, Refill  Abt 976Sweden I1670
3 BOSSON, Bengt  Abt 1220Sweden I572
4 KARLSSON, Ulf  Abt 1253Sweden I394
5 NIALSDOTTER, Queen of Sweden Astrid  Abt 1000Sweden I261
6 OBOTRITES, Mistui II of the  Abt 893Sweden I1667
7 OLAFSSON, King of Sweden Emund II  Abt 1005Sweden I258
8 OLAFSSON, Prince-Sweden Styrbjorn  Abt 908Sweden I226
9 OLAVSDOTTER, Gunnhild  923Sweden I231
10 ORESTASON, Karl  Abt 1293Sweden I396
11 SOLVASSON, Halfdan Guldtann i Solør  Abt 660Sweden I509
12 SOPHIA  Abt 941Sweden I1668
13 SVENDSDOTTER, Cecilla  Abt 1074Sweden I435
14 SWEDEN, Blot-Sven King of  Abt 1056Sweden I436
15 SWEDEN, Erik IX "den hellige" King of  Abt 1120Sweden I432
16 SWEDEN, Martha Eriksdotter Princess of  Abt 1213Sweden I426
17 SWEDEN, Ragnhild of  Abt 1220Sweden I573